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Keisuke Tanigawa on St-Martin

Yes, Keisuke Tanigawa is on St-Martin. Once again, thanks to our great Japan distributor Delirium Distribution. Watch his welcome edit now. Big thanks to Taka at DF and welcome to Keisuke.

Taipei Cycle show 2014

Taipei Cycle show 2014
We just arrived to Taipei, Taiwan for the world famous cycle show. During 3.5 days, we’ll meet suppliers and customers, we’ll have ideas for the 2015 ranges of our 4 brands, we’ll see some weird things and we’ll eat tasty local food. Remember that BMX Groupment is mother company of 4 brands : Superstar, St-Martin...

A new bike : the Mini Darwin 14″

A new bike : the Mini Darwin 14"
Here is a new bike in the St-Martin range : the Mini Darwin, with 14″ wheels. Yes, 14 inches, not 12, not 16. The original idea came from Taka at Delirium Distribution in Japan. He realized that there is a big gap between 12″ and 16″ bikes.

Alex’s weekly edit

Alex Jumelin is practicing hard this week for the Toronto contest, this coming week-end. Looks like he is getting ready !

Manu Massabova’ bike

Manu Massabova' bike
Manu Massabova can be considered as one of the creators of St-Martin brand, back in 2002. Since this time, Manu has ridden more St-Martin frames than any other riders on Earth, either production frames or prototype frames. These days, Manu rides a clear and shinny bike, based on a 2014 Foot Jam frame.

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